Traditional Milking

The Pearson range of herringbone milking parlours have been developed to incorporate all the recent farm technology changes in milk production that have been proven on dairy farms throughout Europe. Using a modular solution approach, the Pearson parlour spec can be improved as needs dictate and funding becomes available.

The straight line design of the rump rail enables rapid entry and exit of cows into and out of their correct milking positions. We believe it is better for the cow to come to the operator, rather than the operator going to the cow. This is achieved by positioning the cow in such a way that the cow’s rump overhangs the pit line. Two rump rail designs are available, the Clearview and the Herringbone SBS

Cow Positioning:
Both the Clearview and SBS stall work allow 2’2″ to 2’6″?? up to 3’0″??? standing. The straight rump rail design gives fast cow entry and comfort for different cow sizes. The tapered rump rail construction and height over the cow stand allows faster cluster application due to clearer udder access. The tapered rump rail overhangs the pit edge reducing operator reach.

A further option is the “Safe Way” system. Here the straight rump rail is panelled with stainless steel affording operator protection should a cow have a desire to urinate while being milked. This is an excellent choice for double-up parlours as the control panels for milk metering or cluster flush may be incorporated into the stainless steel sheeting.

A folded kerb rail provides a strong barrier aimed at reducing the risk of injury to both cow and operator.

Stall work is made from black heavy gauge steel, finished to a fully galvanised construction. It is engineered for fast, efficient installation and supplied with support trusses and front guide rails to minimise on-site construction.

Breast Rail Design:
In the Non Feeding Parlour, the staggered breast rail coupled with the straight –line rump rail enables rapid entry and exit of cows into and out of their correct milking positions.


  • Speeds up entry and exit of cows into and out of the parlour
  • Suited to 2’4″, 2’6″ and 3’0″ centre parlours
  • Operated from any position in the pit
  • Positions cows correctly
  • All cows start to exit at the same time

Where cows are fed in parlour, stainless steel mangers and dividers coupled with the straight-line rump rail allow rapid entry and exit of cows into and out of their correct milking position. Sequential baling offers an alternative solution for rapid exit but will require additional building space

Auto Exit Gates:
The exit gate can be operated from anywhere in the operators pit, automatically closing and locking in the closed position. Auto exit greatly reduces both overall milking time and operator movement.

The Wrap-AroundTMEntry Gate:
The Wrap-Around Gate System provides the ultimate solution to efficient parlour entry and cow control. The manger guide rail indexes the cows into single file for faster loading and turns the last cow into position. Once the gate is operated from the pit, the gate folds out and guides the cow into perfect position for cluster application. A blocking bar at the back of the gate section prevents a cow getting caught when the gate opens to load the next row.

Volume Wash System:
A pressurised water system allows instant cleaning during milking. This ensures the pit, cow standing and cluster assembly is kept clean and more hygienic at all times.

Swingover Milking System:swingover-milking-system

Key Features:

  • Speed and performance
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Efficient use of labour


Pearson Swingover in operation

Pearson 360 40 Bail Rotary in operation