Robotic Feeding

Moov feed pusher

The Moov feed pushing robot is a fully automatic robot for dairy cattle stables. With the Moov your cattle stock will have 24/7 access to fresh feed.

You can program an unlimited number of routes. This makes it possible to push feed for more than one feed group individually. m1Programming is simple and only needs to take place once.
The combination of transponders and the gyroscope ensure that the robot always drives perfectly through the feed passage.

The J-Touch offers the client unique ease of use. The new manual control has both push buttons and a touchscreen.


  • Increases feed intake
  • Labour-saving
  • Contributes to higher milk production
  • Feed available 24/7 for all cows
  • Better performance by low ranked cows
  • Calmer cattle stock
  • Clean feed passage
  • Simple & user-friendly
  • Better efficiency of milking robots

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To increase labour efficiency and flexibility, dairy farmer W. Bink chose for a robot feed pusher.