Robotic Scraping

Slurry Scrapers

The animal-friendly, noiseless JOZ-Tech system scrapes the manure alleys spotlessly clean, evens1 into the smallest of corners, at a controlled speed. The robot uses patented sensor technology. As a result, even between the cows and in extreme conditions, the JOZ-Tech is very reliable. Thesystem can handle large areas, without a problem. The JOZ-Tech is highly manoeuvrable and can rotate around its own axis. This means even the narrowest manure alleys and cross-paths can be thoroughly cleaned. One major advantage of the JOZ-Tech is that the floor is completely free from obstacles such as guide beams, slurry scrapers, corner blocks or chains. Thanks to the unique operating system, the JOZ-Tech leaves no manure residues at the end of the manure alley.s2

The slurry robots from JOZ stand out from the competition due to their practical added value for the cattle farmers and their finish, quality, flexibility, hygiene and animal-friendliness. The cleaning robots are above all suitable for use on grid floors.

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