Robotic Milking

RDS Futureline MAX

SAC offers RDS Futureline MAX – a milking robot for the farmer who wishes to avoid having to i1attend daily milking routines. The robot does all the physical work involved in milking. You not only free up time to run your farm. You also have time to do things that are much more fun. You can spend more time with your livestock, on generally running your farm business and, not least, with your family and friends.

The RDS Futureline MAX milking robot takes care of the needs of the cow, the milk and the milker, i.e. the three cornerstones, on which SAC has built more than 75 years of success.

The cow stands in an open box so that she is always in contact with the rest of the herd. The cleaning system and milking process are unique. Futureline is the only machine, which not only takes care of the preparatory data, but also cleans, stimulates and connects. The teat cups locate the teats and the connecting cup is so flexible that it follows all the cow’s movements. Our unique laser and camera-guided teat identification system is intelligent. There is no need to enter coordinates manually.

The MRS system provides error-free identification of the cow and her movements as well as more accurate heat data, lower empty rates and therefore better milk yields.

The RDS Futureline MAX steam-cleans the connecting cup and teat cups after each milking. This procedure is the standard setting and provides better udder health, high milk yields and improves milk quality.

Based on colour and conductivity, the system’s sensors monitor milk quality and udder health at 15-minute intervals. The SAC robot fits cowsheds of all sizes, regardless of whether they are new or renovated buildings. The SAC robot is strong, durable and easy to maintain. Our customers are pleased to note that the system saves on energy and water and therefore keeps costs low. The cost of regular maintenance is also minimal.

The milker performs a simple daily inspection of the robot. Every part of the system is easily accessible. With these and other benefits, this plant has already been awarded a number of Danish and international prizes. The manufacturer is confident that the plant is extremely reliable. The guarantee can be extended to five years.

Download SAC RDS Futureline MAX brochure

Flexible format – fits cowsheds of all sizes

  • Futureline MAX can be installed in any cowshed, regardless of the location of dividing walls and number of cows in the herd.
  • A sturdy and very reliable system.
  • A central mechanical unit supplies one or two boxes (twin box). If the milking herd is very large, i2several plants can be installed. A single robot arm services both boxes in a twin box. One robot arm can milk about 120 cows.
  • The plug and play system ensures fast installation. Futureline MAX is available with several plug and play modules. The system is partially installed and thoroughly checked at the factory. The plant is easy and fast to install to allow for minimum disruption and fast commissioning. The new design is easy to maintain and takes up relatively little space.
  • The robot arm is integrated into the machine. It is effective and easy to service.
  • The system has unique wide entry and exit gates and a state-of-the-art “Smart Cow Flow” monitoring system, which helps the farmer to achieve high milk capacity.
  • This is the only system on the market, which provides an option, if necessary, to attach the cow to the cluster manually.
  • The system can also be extended to include an IMC (Intelligent Milk Collection) system, a touch screen and a feeding box, which can handle several different fodder types.


Low operating costs

  • User-friendly system which saves labour
  • Minimal water and power consumption. Low-energy industrial robot arm with advanced sensor technology and software.
  • More time for the important things in life.
  • Less paperwork, more time for the animals and more time in the fields.
  • Currently the market’s most flexible, animal-friendly system. Optimal cow health and more milk i3in the tank.
  • Flexible positioning allows the cows freedom of movement and creates more space in the cowshed.
  • Central mechanical unit is accessible. In many cases, the robot can continue milking while you service the machine.
  • Designed entirely in stainless steel – practically indestructible.
  • High milking capacity with the latest laser and camera technologies.
  • The robot is within easy reach.
  • The reliable Futureline system is the result of 17 years of practical experience of working with robot milking systems.
  • This is the only robotic milking system, which records correct attachment even when using a separate teat cup.
  • The system consumes less water than any other machine of its type.
  • Even lower power costs due to state-of-the-art technology.
  • IMC (Intelligent Milk Collection): Separation into bucket, milk taxi and a separate milk tank.
  • Comprehensive, user-friendly data display via TIM data device.
  • Any combination of single and twin boxes is possible.
  • Industrial robot arm, incredibly sturdy.
  • Fast and efficient service (Call Centre back-up available around the clock).
  • Fast plug and play installation.
  • Professional support for both installation and commissioning.
  • TIM Management offers round-the-clock global test function. TIM is the mobile management solution for today’s milker.
  • Option to update existing systems; backward compatible.



TIM gathers and displays all your management data on a simple, easy-to-read screen.

  • Be your own boss.
  • Focus on the cow, the milk and the milker.
  • Avoid time-consuming paperwork.
  • Improves handling and efficiency of daily routines.
  • Less paperwork, more data – at one fell swoop. Real-time data for the farmer on a touch screen, PC and smart phone.
  • High quality analysis tools.
  • Optional milk quality data per cow.
  • Consistent overview in real time and full control of selected data device indicators.

TIM helps you to focus on the important operating parameters on your farm. TIM gives your real-time data regarding milking robots and work processes.i4

SAC offers frequent training courses, which cover technology and operations for end-users and staff. Courses are held at SAC Service Centres.

We are developing and refining SAC RDS Futureline MAX robots all the time. SAC provides upgrades, further training and technical support so that you can achieve optimal milk yields.

SAC guarantees that the robot is delivered with all the necessary equipment and that the system is installed and handed-over ready to run.

In the unlikely event of a problem, you can call our Call Centre at any time.

Thanks to today’s advanced communication technologies, the Call Centre resolves many difficulties with robots over the phone. The service saves costs and reduces stress on the cow and on the farmer!

SAC can, of course, perform regular service on your Futureline MAX milking robot. You can enter a service agreement, which takes your special needs and conditions on your farm into account.

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