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Submersible motor mixer

The submersible motor mixers, particularly for the agriculture, captivate by technical and functional advantages. This leads to the highly efficient mixing of fluid media and liquid manure. The new tauchmotorruehrwerkpropeller form creates a vast optimal liquid jet. Our submersible motor mixers are characterised by a high agitating achievement and longevity. They especially worked within the Biogas sector.

Accessories you can receive are guide slide bearings, chassis and much more.


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Submersible Motor Pump

The environment-friendly and high performance submersible motor pump is characterised by an economical and effective work, also in the low performance levels. The extremely stable drive shaft causes an efficient application of force directly on the pumping medium. Blockages, e.g. by foreign bodies, are avoided by spiral cutting edges, an operator-safe tearing system and the large-volume pump housing.

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Submersible centrifugal pump

Submersible centrifugal pumps fulfil a dual function: They agitate and pump liquids.

Because of the extremely heavy execution they make a continuous use possible in slurry stores,
liquid manure pits and high tanks, as well as for high-viscosity liquid manure with fibrous components
A further development of this pump row is the tearing mix-pump.It pumps, agitates and cuts in one work process.

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