Feeding Equipment

Pearson-NI Feeding Systems

pearson-nifeedWhether you are feeding in-parlour or out of parlour PEARSONs can provide a feeding system to suit your needs.

Feed Management with CERES

img_3_2Feeding cows is expensive, Manage your feed by utilising the CERES Feed to yield software and maximise output.

Feed Manager Systems

Experience gained with feeding routines in the parlour, has strongly influenced this complex design of manger partition and trough. The manger trough which has a specially angled front face for cows to lick against, ensures a quicker feed intake and the resultant improvement in performance.


  • Aligns cows in perfect position.
  • More comfortable for cows.
  • Better cow control.
  • Easier to keep clean.
  • Wall mounted.
  • Can be washed out clean.
  • Self-draining.
  • Available in galvanised steel.
  • Available in stainless steel.
  • Cost effective.
  • Eliminates poaching by other cows.
  • Maximum feed intake in minimum of time.

Feed Transport Systems

The PEARSON Auger system contains a 90 mm outer sleeve and a 70 mm inner spiral this allows it to carry nuts and mixed ration. A motor is mounted at each side of the parlour at the ends of the auger pipe pulling the nuts from the bin, this eliminates any drop down boxes or corner gear boxes needed.

Out of Parlour Feed Systems

The control unit can be programmed for portion size, delay between portions, Number of feed stations, time and date. Since a cows natural feeding rhythm may not follow the conventional 24 hour day starting at midnight, the unit can be programmed to begin a 24 hour feeding cycle at any time , the control unit can also disable the feeding station prior to milking to encourage cows through the milking parlour.

The feed station itself is of welded construction and the framework is then hot dipped galvanised. To this is added a stainless steel manger plan and a 12 volt auger feed dispenser. All the components are designed for maximum corrosion protection which ensures an extended working life. A race is added to the unit to give cows some degree of protection while feeding.

In Parlour Feed Systems

This design coupled with modern materials and quality manufacturing, result in a product, second to none in the market place. Unlike many rivals, this feeder will not dribble feed when knocked by an animal, intentionally or otherwise, therefore protective barriers are not necessary to install. The feeder will give many years of trouble free performance and can be coupled with an automatic identification system any time in the future.

This low level concept is an advantage when the feed hopper needs to be refilled manually or by an auger system, as the height from the ground to the top of the hopper when installed, can be as low as 1.85 meters (approx. 6’0”). This low level design is also an advantage when the feeders need to be installed in a lean-to building which may have one very low side. This long low-level design also prevents some heifers from jumping up into the manger trough whilst they become familiar with the milking process.

The large hopper can accommodate one hundred kilos of feed (depending on type) . The hopper comes complete with a vermin / bird proof removable lid.


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