About Us

Based in Co. Tyrone Northern Ireland, Pearson-NI’s aim is to supply efficient milking solutions with responsible use of labour to our customers.

History of the Company:

379354_heres_looking_at_you_babePearson NI brings with it some 60 years of milking technology experience. In 1982 Robert Brodison, a time served fitter and service engineer with Gascoigne Milking Machines, Belfast, established RB Pearson Milking Machines and Dairy Equipment as a sole trader.

His wife Jane also brought her experience of professional Dairying Advisory work with the Department of Agriculture (Northern Ireland), to the family business from the outset. Since its formation, RB Pearson has been helping dairy farmers pursue greater and more efficient milk yields through its dairy systems.

We supply to milk producers tools and equipment to help your farm succeed

879652_laptop_cowsIn 2006, Andrew a time served electrical maintenance engineer joined the family business. This has allowed the business to bring cutting edge electronic management systems solutions to the milk producer aimed at maximising productivity and controlling production costs.

Links have been forged with several mainland European companies such as Insentec (Holland), Interpuls, Condor bringing the very best of what is available to enhance our dairy systems.

To allow the family business to embrace these changes and move forward, the business was incorporated and commenced trading as Pearson-NI Ltd in 2008.

Our Mission

cows-small‘For the cow . . . the milk . . . and the milk producer’

Being small but alert to changing market needs, Pearson-NI knows that our position requires us to develop, access and deliver very best and most future – proof solutions that the market has to offer to our customers. We believe that a modular principle of design is an important feature in any of our solutions. This approach allows additional features and components to be added as either finance or circumstances require, so that a system can develop continuously towards achieving the highest specification that can be produced.

We believe that future solutions are to be found through:

  • Focus on efficient milking with responsible use of labour
  • Flexible and user friendly solutions
  • Focus on the whole food chain taking into account animal ethics and public health
  • Provide new and innovative solutions and products which take into account both human and animal needs